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Most vehicles are used every day or at least several times a week. With that much wear on a car or truck, it's inevitable that some of the parts may eventually wear out. For this reason, we started this blog to inform you about vehicle parts that often need to be replaced. We aren't auto mechanics or car specialists, but we do drive cars and we wanted to become knowledgeable about the various car parts and components that typically wear out. After doing our research, we decided to share our information with others to help prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. By reading our blog posts you'll learn which auto parts including the alternator, fuel pump, and brake components you should periodically check to make sure they're still functioning properly.




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Auto Parts That Typically Wear Out

What You Need To Know When Replacing The Batteries In Your Electric Golf Cart

by Dale Gibson

Electric golf carts use banks of batteries that power the electric motor to propel the vehicle. Golf cart battery replacement will eventually be necessary. However, the type of batteries you have, how often you charge them, and the conditions in which you store them, can all impact the life expectancy of your batteries. 

Battery Voltage   

When doing a golf cart battery replacement, you must get the correct batteries for your vehicle. Golf carts have specific volt systems, and if you use the wrong batteries, you can damage the motor, wiring, and controllers in the golf cart. 

When buying new batteries, verify the system voltage before installing new ones. The batteries will have a sticker or label on the top of the case that indicates the voltage and the average of the existing batteries, so you can use that information when you buy replacements. 

If you can't read the sticker anymore, you can consult the owner's manual that came with your golf cart for battery information and model numbers. If you do not have the manual, call the dealer you purchased the golf cart from, and they should be able to help you determine the voltage of your golf cart's electrical system. 

Replacement Batteries

Golf cart battery replacement does not happen too often. However, if you notice the battery life declining between charges or power loss when driving, you may want to test the battery output and consider installing new ones. Most battery suppliers carry a wide variety of OHV, motorcycle, car, and truck batteries, and they will have rechargeable batteries for golf carts and similar vehicles.  

If you can take one of the batteries out of your golf cart and take it to the supplier, they can match it with one with the same voltage, amps, and layout to fit your golf cart. You will need to know how many batteries are in your golf cart and replace them all at once. Some use a single battery, while others may have a bank of six, eight, or more connected in series to offer optimal power output and longer sustained use between charges. 

It is a good idea to take a picture of the battery layout before taking the batteries out. The picture will help you reinstall them correctly if you are doing the golf cart battery replacement. However, you can take the golf cart to a dealer and have them handle the job if you are more comfortable. Having the dealer replace the batteries can save a lot of time, but there will be a labor cost to consider when you have them do the job.

Contact an auto parts store to learn more about golf cart battery replacements